November 21, 2016


Hello There !!!

Thanks very much for stopping by.

With the experience what i have gained for the past 20 yrs, I have a passion in teaching. I would like to train and help people in what ever the best way in achieving their dreams and goals in this digital world.

Courses I offer :

  1. PHP Course
  2. WordPress Course
  3. Testing Course
  4. Orientation Course for College Students as part of Career Building Program

I am very much here to help anyone technically as part of knowledge base.


Testimonial :

Good morning !!!
SHRIDHAR sir is the best trainer. He trains really well and in a very polite manner, he even clears all the doubts very gently and he is even of good nature. I really like the way in which he trains. He clears our doubt in a repeating manner by giving examples, if I don not understand anything he even clears the doubt by giving many examples by which I can understand completely.
Thank you

Arun Kumar - IWAI