Why is freelancing still so underrated in India?

Most of the people in india after they are done studies, everyone want to write groups and get settle down in government job. Very few people will settle in government job. Others will be keep on trying until they hit a government job , later after few years after their age bar they stop trying and look out for full time secure job. In india there are many engineers but very few jobs not everyone will get a job. everyone needs a job to survive but only few people get a job. They need to try for freelancing but no one are trying they will be keep on trying until they get a full time secure job. These days nothing is secure. if you go out you are not sure if you safely reach home or not in this busy traffic. In freelancing you get an opportunity to work independently, work directly for client, you get an opportunity to learn new skills , you get so much confidence , you can earn more then full time and many more benefits. people are changing slowly but soon we will be seeing more freelancers.

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