What to do to be secure?

There are many methods for making your website more secure. Here is a list of steps you can take if you want to make your website as secure as possible. The list is in prioritized order.
1. Always update your themes and plugins to the latest version
2. Use hard passwords. In other words, use a long password with 10-30 characters, upper and lower-case letters, numbers, signs, in a random order.
3. Two-Factor Authentication (You can install plugins for this)
4. Install a good plugin with many security measures.
5. Block certain bots. There are bots that scan websites for security risks or to just create accounts and spam. There are many good plugins to block bots.
6. Create automatic backups for your website. This is easily done with a plugin.
7. Use SSL and HTTPS. SSL makes your connection secured with the standard SSL for the web.
8. Change the access of your files on your server. On your server you can adjust the privileges of files. Make only the admin able to access files.
9. Make sure you have security for your database MySQL.
10. Make sure you have a good firewall.
11. Login lock. You can adjust to only allow a few login attempts before the
account is locked.
12. Make the file wp-config.php secured.
13. Deactivate XML-RPC.
14. Deactivate JSON REST API
15. Change the name of wp-admin.

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