What do you mean by a Theme ? Where can we download or get themes from ?


The WordPress theme is the design of your website, so to speak. It’s the colours, fonts, logos and layout that make up the aesthetics of your website.

When you want to customise your WordPress site to suit your brand, what you’re actually, wanting to do is customise your theme.

Because the WordPress theme is how your users will experience your published content, you will want to spend some time getting it right.

A good theme should reflect your brand, present your content appropriately, and in thisday and age, adapt to mobile and tablet screen sizes as well as desktop.

WordPress themes can be purchased or downloaded for free, from various online distributors.

It is extremely important that you avoid unsafe themes.

The WordPress.org theme directory is a safe place to obtain your free WordPress theme.This is the official theme repository offered by WordPress and can be accessed fromright inside your WordPress system for ultimate ease of use.

Premium themes are usually professionally designed by agencies or teams of professionals

Theme Sites:

  1. ElegantThemes
  2. ThemeForest
  3. ThemeIsle
  4. woothemes.com
  5. MOJO Marketplace (Mojo Marketplace offers premium themes for WordPress with free lifetime support and upgrades)
  6. socratestheme.com (Socrates is a great theme for marketers)

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