What are the advantages of using PHP?

PHP is so easy that you can just rename a .html file to .php and type in some code and you are live. You don’t need some advanced build too just to have a hello world.

Let me make a few list.

  1. PHP is powerful (PHP 5.4)
  2. Built-In HTTP Server
  3. The Reflection API is powerful
  4. Support all major database management systems and No-SQLs
  5. Parse JSON and XML with just single line of code
  6. You don`t need input and output stream object to work with files (file_get_contents / file_put_contents)
  7. Powerful regular expression support
  8. Thousands of Open source libraries
  9. Great ecommerce system
  10. Has the best CMSs on earth
  11. Great web frameworks – Laravel, Codeigniter, Phalcon PHP, CakePHP…
  12. Supported on any hosting environment
  13. Great and ever growing community
  14. PHP is free

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