How can we add payment methods using any payment gateway in our website using PHP?

There are many payment gateway interfaces available depending on payment one accepts or to integrate on site. To name a few here are the list of payment gateway interfaces

  1. paypal
  2. stripe
  3. paytm
  4. google pay
  5. PayU


lets consider a site where we sell products and accept payments online, its nothing but an eCommerce site. we can use eCommerce tools in PHP like

  1. wordpress with woocommerce
  2. magento
  3. opencart
  4. shopify
  5. php with any framework

In wordpress with woocommerce, magento , opencart, shopify we just need to configure by adding products, setting prices and configuring the payment gateway details, where as in other case where in which we got to use php with any framework we need to built our own ecommerce plaftform based on our need by designing the products page, cart page, check out page, create own custom tables etc.

If you need any assistance or help let me know.

I hope this helps

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